About Us


Ever wondered what you could do with that Shalwar Kameez you only wore once? Or those “Ever Silver” kitchen utensils your mum stock up on during your last visit to India or Sri Lanka but never got round to using?
You might even be looking for a Tamil aunty in your area to babysit your kid for a couple of hours…

If your answer to all those questions is YES then look no further. We are here to help you meet all your needs by connecting all Tamils in your area.

The Online Tamil Market aims to connect the Tamil community in a single trading platform where you can find anything from homemade string hoppers and kitchen utensils to booking the most sought after makeup artists or photographer for your future events!
Our mission is to build a trusted and convenient online shopping experience for all!

Sellers, here is your platform to showcase anything you think might appeal to the Tamil Community!
Buyers find yourself immersed in a sea of products carefully verified for authenticity by us.

All the products and services listed on our website are classified geographically and reviewed by existing customers to make it easier for you to find the BEST product or service in YOUR AREA!

Grow as a community. Keep connected.